Laminate Lockers

Product Application

Where can Laminate lockers be used?SC/LD – Steel carcass / Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Door can be used in Dry AreasAL/LD – Aluminium Carcass / Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Door for use in Wet Areas

Standard Sizes available for Laminate lockers:

  • Number of Doors:- 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  • Height x Width x Depth
  • 1800   x   300   x   300
  • 1800   x   300   x   375
  • 1800   x   300   x   450
  • 1800   x   375   x   375
  • 1800   x   375   x   450
  • 1800   x   450   x   450
Wristband colours


The standard Laminate locker range has been tested to both.
  • BS 4680: 1996 – Heavy Duty
  • BS 4875: Part 7 2006 ‘Test level 5 – Severe Contract’

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Product Ref: SC/LD Steel Carcass, Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Doors Suitable for dry areas

External Features:10mm Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) with laminate (Arpa Athlon) doors. Bolt through hinge fixing for additional security. Nests pre-pierced at sides and backs; nuts and bolts supplied for bolting together if required.Locking:Key operated cam locks fitted as standard, or coin return/retain locks available.Numbering:Recessed rectangular number discs, matching key fobs and wrist bands available.Colour:Carcass from the Standard carcass Colour Range, Doors from the Arpa Athlon 10mm range. (See below).Matching solid grade laminate end panels are available to match the locker doors.Locker Specification:Lockers are manufactured in 20/22SWG mild steel, with spot-welded construction for maximum strength and rigidity.A unique, strengthened base minimises damage to floor and contact with water through cleaning processes.Locker Finish:Phosphated, prior to electrostatic anti-bacterial powder coating.
SC/LD 3 tier Steel Carcass /Laminate Door locker - suitable for dry areas

Product Ref: AL/LD Flat Top Locker – Aluminium Carcass, Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Doors

Suitable for designated wet areas.

Type:Aluminium lockers with solid grade laminate doors.Locker Body:1.5mm thick high grade aluminium.Locker Door:10mm Arpa Athlon solid grade laminate. Edges bullnosed and polished.External Features:Solid grade laminate doors. Hinge and locks secured with through door fixing for additional security.Hinges:Wet area spring loaded self closing hinges with through fixing to doors.Locking:Wet area key operated cam lock or a wet area coin return/retain lock with 2 keys, all keys are to a mastered series.Numbering:Number discs and matching key fobs, and wrist straps available.Colours:Carcass in textured Silver Grey, doors from the Arpa Athlon 10mm range shown above.Matching solid grade laminate end panels are available to match the locker doors.

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AL/LD 5 tier flat top yellow and blue Aluminium Carcass / Laminate Door locker


Carcass from the Standard carcass Colour Range Doors from the Arpa Athlon 10mm range shown below:

SC/LD Standard Range Carcass Colours:

Light Grey RAL 7035Light Grey RAL 7035
Flint BS00A09Flint-Grey-BS00A09
Desert Sand BS08B21Desert-Sand-BS08B21
Reef Green BS16C37Reef-GreenBS16C37
Iris Blue BS166Iris-Blue-BS166
Pearl BS10C31Pearl-BS10C31
Glacier Green BS16C33Glacier-Green-BS16C33
Cornflower BS20E51Cornflower-BS20E51
Red BS04E53Red-BS04E53
Green BS14E53Mid Green BS14E 53

SC/LD Premier Range Carcass Colours:

Autumn Rose BS04C37Autumn-Rose-BS04C37
Purple Heather BS22C37Purple-Heather-BS22C37
Daffodil BS10E50Daffodil-BS10E50
Wild Lilac BS24C33Wild-Lilac-BS24C33
*Silver RAL 9006 (special)Silver-RAL-9006-special
*Black RAL 9005Black-RAL-9005
White RAL 9010White-RAL-9010
*Pine Tree Green RAL 6028Pine-Tree-Green-RAL-6028
*Premier range colours have a surcharge of 5%.

Laminate Door Colours (for SC/LD and AL/LD Lockers):

Bianco 0001
Grigio Perla 0211
Grigio Ferro 0623
Lavanda 0607
Glicine 0605
Fuscia 0594
Rosso Devil 0561
Turchese Pastello 0644
Giallo Altamira 0670Giallo Altamira 0670
Verde Acido 0660
Arancio 0682
Blue Baia 0711
W74-01 Oak T202
Faggio Giapponese 1852
Zebrano Naturale 4390
Rovere Fumo 4511
Acero Italiano 4327
Selenio Nero 0997
Acero Italiano 4327
Colorlam Bianco 3194
Spot Lavanda 9131
Spot Turchese Pastello 9133
Please note these colours will appear different on different monitor settings and as such are offered for guidance only – if colour is critical please contact us to see actual samples of the material.

Laminate door colour range is restricted for 10 lockers and under. For over 10 lockers, choice from full laminate door colour range

New Trampoline Park opens in Chelmsford – lockers, benches and hook rails supplied by us!

New Trampoline Park opens in Chelmsford – lockers, benches and hook rails supplied by us! 

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