Coat Hooks

Coloured Safety Coat Hooks

Our brightly coloured unbreakable safety coat hooks are manufactured from forged steel, with all sharp edges removed. Our colourful coathooks are extremely robust and are available in a range of colours. Coloured coathooks are suitable for both wet and dry areas, and are unbreakable.Two styles of coat hook are available
  • H100 ‘K’ double coat hook
  • H200 ‘J’ single coat hook
Our brightly coloured coathooks are ideal for school changing rooms, staff rooms and customer changing rooms. Colourful coat hooks can be used to differentiate areas, or just to brighten the changing room.The H100 ‘K’ double unbreakable coat hook is fitted as standard on all our benching range.

Minimum order quantity is 20 coat hooks – colours and styles can be mixed.

chrome effect 2 coat hooks on batten

Standard Coat Hook Colours – Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Grey, Black, White

Yellow RAL 1018Yellow RAL 1018
Orange RAL 2010Orange RAL 2010
Mid Red RAL 3001Mid Red RAL 3001
Burgundy RAL 3004Burgundy RAL 3004
Mid Green BS14E 53Mid Green BS14E 53
Turquoise RAL 5018Turquoise RAL 5018
Mid Blue RAL 5010Mid Blue RAL 5010
Light Blue BS 02 E51Light Blue BS-2-E51
Purple RAL 4008Purple RAL 4008
Black RAL 9017Black
Dark Grey RAL 7016Dark Grey RAL 7016
Light Grey RAL 7035Light Grey RAL 7035
White RAL 9016White RAL 9016
Matt SilverMatt Silver 
 Special order RAL colours are available at an extra cost – please contact us for details
Please note these colours will appear different on different monitor settings and as such are offered for guidance only – if colour is critical please contact us to see actual samples of the material.For standard coathook/frame colours please see our standard colour chart above. Other specific RAL colours are available subject to quantity and surcharge.Bright coloured safety coathooks for schools - colourful coat racks
Colourful Coat Hooks on Battens

Options for Ordering Coat Hooks and / or Battens

Option 1

Order coathooks only. These are supplied complete with fixing screws and can be attached by customer to either walls or existing battens. Minimum order quantity – 20 hooks.

Option 2

Order coathooks and hook battens separately, the coat hooks can be attached to the battens by your operative on site. The battens are supplied cut to your exact sizes and are fully finished.

Option 3

Order hook battens with the hooks already attached, your staff will just have to put the battens up as required.
Hook Pitches (Spacing)
For educational purposes we recommend that the coat hooks are attached with a 150mm pitch (the space between the hooks) to allow for coats and school bags, but the choice is yours – if you would like the hooks attached at a different spacing you must tell us when ordering.As a general guide 150mm pitch for school bags/education applications (can be down to 100mm minimum) and up to 500mm pitch in a sports or general changing room, 250mm being the most popular to maximise usage and space, but the choice remains with you, and will be governed by available space and the numbers of hooks you need to achieve.
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N.B. We don’t supply wall fixings for battens as they differ depending on the type of wall the battens are being fixed to.

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