Coat Hooks on Battens

Our range of coat hooks on battens are mounted on hardwood, in Ash, Beech or specific hardwoods to order, or Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) in a choice of colours, and are fitted with H100 ‘K’ or H200 ‘J’ coat hooks at any required pitch (i.e. distance between hooks). Painted timber battens are also available to order.coat hooks on battens - hook battens with j and k style hooks

Hardwood Batten with Coathooks

Our hardwood battens are acid cure lacquered and are suitable for wet and dry areas.coat hooks on battens - multicoloured hooks on hardwood battens

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Hook Rail

SGL is suitable for both wet and dry applications, and is available in a wide range of colours from the SGL range below.Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) Hook Rail with blue coathooks

Laminate Hooks Rail Standard Colours:

B048 Light BlueB048 Light Blue
G029 Light GreyG029 Light Grey
B086 Blu CaraibesB086 Blu Caraibes
G031 GenetG031 Genet
R036 Rouge CeriseR036 Rouge Cerise
B070 WhiteB070 White
M003 Black SpeckleM003 Black Speckle
Please note these colours will appear different on different monitor settings and as such are offered for guidance only – if colour is critical please contact us to see actual samples of the material. Contact us on 01905 45 22 45 to discuss your requirements or arrange a site visit. We are also able to offer matched sets of coat hooks on battens with one mounted above the other with hooks offset on the top batten to bottom batten in order to increase the number of pegs available. This is popular in areas where space is at a premium.

Our most popular lengths are:

  • 900mm – 6 hooks
  • 1000mm – 6 hooks
  • 1200mm – 8 hooks
  • 1500mm – 10 hooks
  • 1800mm – 12 hooks
  • 2000mm – 12 hooks
  • or made to order – please contact us to discuss your requirements
We also produce a mobile hook rail – on castors or with adjustable feet – more information on the mobile coathook unit here

Options for Ordering Coat Hooks and / or Battens

Option 1

Order coathooks only. These are supplied complete with fixing screws and can be attached by customer to either walls or existing battens. Minimum order quantity – 20 hooks.

Option 2

Order coathooks and hook battens separately, the coat hooks can be attached to the battens by your operative on site. The battens are supplied cut to your exact sizes and are fully finished.

Option 3

Order hook battens with the hooks already attached, your staff will just have to put the battens up as required.
Hook Pitches (Spacing)
For educational purposes we recommend that the coathooks are attached with a 150mm pitch (the space between the hooks) to allow for coats and school bags, but the choice is yours – if you would like the hooks attached at a different spacing you must tell us when ordering.As a general guide 150mm pitch for school bags/education applications (can be down to 100mm minimum) and up to 500mm pitch in a sports or general changing room, 250mm being the most popular to maximise usage and space, but the choice remains with you, and will be governed by available space and the numbers of coathooks you need to achieve.

N.B. We don’t supply wall fixings for battens as they differ depending on the type of wall the battens are being fixed to.

BS064 wall to floor hook batten

Made to measure to suit site requirement. Three height choices.Length up to 2m from wall.Can also be supplied as a double rail staggered pitch system.BS064 Wall to Floor Coat Hooks on Batten

Available in 3 heights:

  • 1075mm ideal for Nursery and Primary Schools
  • 1375mm ideal for Junior Schools
  • 1675mm ideal for Secondary Schools / Adult Education

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